Criminal law and misdemeanors

The area of criminal and misdemeanor law is one of the key legal fields, in which the Law firm Marjan Feguš has extensive experience. When individuals find themselves in a procedure brought against them by the state, accusing them of committing a criminal offense or a misdemeanor, it is very important that the individual makes use of all legal remedies available to him. It is also important to use these remedies at the right time. A lot of attention must therefore be devoted to the course of the legal procedure, so the side, representing the state, does not exceed its authority against the individual, who is usually the weaker party in the procedure.

  • help and consultation for individuals in all phases of legal proceedings, in cases where the individual is the accused and in cases where he is the victim of a criminal offense
  • help in exacting compensation for damages, in certain cases also help in enforcing the law in the role of a private prosecutor and filing a private lawsuit