About us


The year 1988 marks the beginning of the Law firm Marjan Feguš, when the firm’s founder, Marjan Feguš, switched from being a judge, as which he had been overseeing civil cases in court for several years, to being an attorney. Today, extensive experience, expert knowledge and youthful energy intertwine at the Law firm Marjan Feguš. Since its beginning, the firm has been constantly growing in the number of employees as well as in the number of clients, seeking legal aid and support.

Based on experience, following the needs of clients and a realistic insight into the future of law, the Law firm Marjan Feguš realizes, that clients always come first. They must be understood, their legal issue must be determined and legal services must be adapted to their wishes. The Law firm Marjan Feguš offers high quality legal services in protection of interests of natural persons, help with settling disputes between legal persons and legal support in dealing with foreign economic operators.

To be able to guarantee a successful and cost-effective support to its customers, the Law firm Marjan Feguš constantly follows changes in legislation, the case-law of Slovenian courts, takes into account the implementation of information systems into the legal sphere and ensures an ongoing education of their legal experts.

Irrespective of the current situation and changes in the Slovene judicial system, the Law firm Marjan Feguš is focused on the future. The goal of the Law firm Marjan Feguš is to stay on the forefront of the legal sphere in Slovenia, which is becoming ever more demanding.